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Network of East-West Women

ILO interview with Reka Safrany, President of European Women’s Lobby

This is the second issue of short interviews with important researchers and practitioners from Central and Eastern Europe on burning questions concerning labour and social policies. The interviewee this time is Réka Sáfrány, newly elected President of the European Women’s Lobby.


An equal Europe is one where everyone, regardless of their sex, identity or background has access to the same opportunities and choices in life.

We can tackle social and gender inequalities to make sure nobody is forced, by coercion or by circumstance, to enter prostitution. The Equality Model is a proven, integrated approach to creating a Europe where gender inequalities do not result in prostitution and where everyone has the choice not to have access to their bodies bought or sold for sex.

Minsk activist Volha Harbunova goes on hunger strike in Akrestsin detention centre

from BELSAT.TV 2021.11.18 14:20 (photo

The reputed Belarusian activist Volha Harbunova has been hungerstriking since her being detained on November 9, reports citing Volha’s friends.

The friends learned from her lawyer that since the very first day in the notorious Akrestsin detention centre Volha had not eaten anything, she was only drinking water. The woman says she is quite well and thanks everyone for their support.(…)